Who We Are:

Welcome to Senate District 35 Republicans where we uphold the principles of individual freedom, limited government, and family values. Our platform is dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals to actively participate in shaping policies that reflect conservative ideals.

Our Mission:

At Senate District 35 Republicans, we believe that conservative values are the foundation of a strong and prosperous society. Our mission is to encourage, educate, and facilitate meaningful engagement in the political process, guided by principles that prioritize individual liberty, free markets, and the importance of family values.

Why Conservative Engagement Matters:

Defending Individual Liberties

Conservative engagement in politics is crucial for safeguarding individual freedoms and liberties. We advocate for policies that protect the rights of individuals to live, work, and pursue happiness without undue government interference.

Preserving Family Values

We recognize the importance of preserving the cultural and moral foundations that have shaped our society. Conservative engagement seeks to maintain and uphold family values that contribute to social stability and cohesion.

Limited Government

Conservatives believe in limited government and fiscal responsibility. By getting involved in politics, you contribute to the promotion of policies that limit the size and scope of government, fostering an environment where individuals and families can thrive.

Economic Prosperity

Conservative principles support free-market capitalism, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Your engagement in the political process helps advocate for economic policies that promote growth, job creation, and prosperity for all.

How We Facilitate Conservative Engagement:

Education and Advocacy

Our platform provides educational resources and advocacy tools to inform individuals about conservative principles and their application to current issues. Knowledge is the first step towards informed decision-making.

Voter Registration and Mobilization

We empower conservatives to participate in the electoral process. Our platform facilitates voter registration, provides information on conservative candidates, and encourages voter turnout.

Community Building

Connect with like-minded individuals who share your commitment to conservative values. Our community forums and events provide a space for constructive dialogue, collaboration, and collective action.

Advocacy for Traditional Values

We actively support and highlight campaigns that advocate for Traditional values, whether it's defending constitutional rights, promoting strong family structures, or championing conservative economic principles.

LET'S GET TO WORK!              


We are working together in the communities of Anoka, Coon Rapids, and Andover. As an organization, the SD35 Republicans work to further the principles of the Republican Party within Senate District 35, manage the affairs of the Party within the district, expand membership and participation within the Party, and elect Republicans to the State Senate, MN House of Representatives, and local offices.

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You are invited to attend our monthly meeting. We meet every third Thursday of the Month at the Coon Rapids VFW at 7:00 PM. Come early for a social hour at 6:00 PM, food available for purchase. You will hear from our executive leadership team, our elected officials, an inspiring message, and different opportunities to make a difference.

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